About Me

Hello and welcome to my wonderful little blog, I am Megan! I'm a 18 year old student from a small village on the edge of both Nottingham and Derby but I am originally from Essex.

This blog is full of everything I love and want to share with you all, from beauty to lifestyles, some fashion and hopefully some travel posts. 

I originally started this blog as well I thought it would be fun and I had started to watch a lot more youtubers who had blogs, which inspired me to start my own. I'm glad I did because it allows me to share anything and everything with lots of different people.I don't know why but I love reading and watching youtube videos about what make up people use, their skincare routine, going out to special places, their outfits, the food they eat and their routine in the morning/evening/pamper! Most of the things I will write are things I enjoy or enjoy writing about. I hope you'll enjoy them too!

I am currently doing my A-Levels right now so my life can be pretty busy some times and I am learning to drive so if a post is not up on Saturday then it will be up soon! However welcome and I hope you stay around!

If you want to follow me on sort of Social Media or want to email me about anything, check out 'Contact Me' page.